Quality control unit and laboratory

Given the sanitary sensitivity in the production of some sensitive products such as various feeds for ancestor and mother hens, the Quality Control Unit of Zarrin Daneh Sonqor Co. has developed and implemented health and quarantine guidelines for controlling bacterial and viral transmission factors, using the guidance of domestic and foreign specialists to raise the health confidence of all products. Therefore, observance of quarantine and sanitary principles in the processes of purchasing, maintenance, production, and packaging of raw materials and consequently quality stability are the most important features of the company’s products.

The laboratory has been able to carry out highly precise chemical and microbiological experiments on its products, using advanced laboratory devices such as electric furnace, pH meter, incubator, heater, bacteriologic hood, autoclave, spectrophotometer, balance, digital dehumidifier, and other equipment, to provide products of high quality and free of any contamination to the market.